My name is Emma Morris and I started nursery at DCHS in October 2002 and left the school the summer of 2011. I have incredibly fond memories’ of Dame Catherine Harpur school and believe that it shaped me into the person I am today.

Recently I spent a week with the school on the renoun trip to Wales. Not only was I reminded of the amazing times I had there but I remembered what’s so valuable and wonderful about DCHS. This is a school where your child is encouraged to be themselves, a school where kindness and empathy flourishes in the students and a school where you learn to believe in yourself. No matter what your academic ability is you are encouraged to reach your full potential with all the support you need in a friendly and exploratory environment.

I would definitely recommend an education here.

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at Ashby Sixth form. I am hoping to study chemical engineering at Sheffield University. My brothers also went to Dame Catherine’s; Dan has just graduated with a first in Aerospace Engineering and Jack has got a placement at JCB halfway through is M-Eng degree.