Dame Catherine Harpur’s School

Fee schedule

Academic year 2019-2020  


Registration fee                         £45 (admin fee to cover trial session and processing of pupil application and resultant                                                          offer letter, as applicable)

Acceptance deposit                   equivalent to one term’s fees based on full fees without discount (payable upon                                                                      completion of parent contract / acceptance of place. )

Applicable to those attending full time or flexi-time; a term’s deposit is required prior to commencement of first day of term of attendance which will be returned following completion of final term once all outstanding monies have been paid. One term’s notice is required.

Full-time fees:

Annual fee :  £6650

Monthly payments are currently accepted (this should be via a standing order and payments must be received by the first day of each month.)

10% discount for 2019-20 will be applied to new children registering for September 2019 where the registration is completed by 13th July 2019

Home-school fees:   £45 per full day  (9am – 4pm)

Applicable for those attending up to 2 full days or 4 sessions per week. Your commitment is per term for the full number of weeks in the term.  All fees, if paid monthly must be settled by the first of each month.

Under the terms of the home-school contract, DCHS are not responsible for the education of the child and will be recorded as being home-schooled with the Local Authority.


Nursery fees: £15 per session.

Full day for nursery (including lunch cover) from 9am-4pm: £36.

Government childcare vouchers accepted for up to 30 hours (if eligible); additional sessions and lunch cover for full day attendance are invoiced per half term, payable in advance. Missed sessions due to illness or other absence are non-transferable/not-refunded.


Breakfast/after school clubs: £6 (when booked half-termly) or £7.50 on a casual/ad-hoc basis (when available).

One sports session per week (swimming or sports session led by a specialist coach) is also chargeable. Approx. cost £10 per week.

Please contact us for information about using childcare or tax free vouchers for extended school provision.