Dame Catherine Harpur’s School
Fee schedule
Academic year 2022-2023
Trial session fee :

£25 ( 3 hours 9am – 12pm) / £52.50 (full day)

  • Deposit: £300 – £500  (depending on model) This is required prior to commencement of first day of term of attendance.
  • Any deposit will be returned following completion of the final term, once all outstanding monies have been paid and providing one term’s notice has been given in writing.
Full-time and flexi-school fees:

Annual fee for  full-time children and flexi-school attending 4 days a week : £7791  

Annual fee for flexi-school children attending 3 days a week : £6148  

Monthly payments are currently accepted (this should be via a standing order and payments must be received by the first day of each month.)

Home-school fees:

£52.50 per full day 9am – 4pm   

Applicable for those attending for 2 full days per week. Please see our home school policy for terms and conditions.

Under the terms of the home-school contract, DCHS are not responsible for the education of the child and this remains the responsibility of the parent to recorded as being home-schooled with the Local Authority.

Pre-school (nursery)

3 hour session: £18

Full day (including lunch cover) from 9am-4pm: £42.

Government childcare vouchers accepted for up to 30 hours (if eligible); additional sessions / lunch cover  are invoiced per half term, payable in advance.

Missed sessions due to illness or other absence are non-transferable/not-refunded.

Extended pre-school (for children up to compulsory school age)

Please visit our pre-school page or contact Jane Dawn for options.


Breakfast/after school clubs: £6 (when booked half-termly) or £7.50 on a casual/ad-hoc basis (when available).

One sports session per week (swimming or sports session led by a specialist coach) is also chargeable. Approx. cost £10 per week.

Please contact us for information about using childcare or tax free vouchers for extended school provision.