Sessions for home educators

Sessions for home educators

Join us …for a little bit or a lot. Range of sessions now available to Home Educators

Full time pupils and home schoolers taking part in the 2016 sports day

In response to growing enquiries, we have devised a programme of sessions that help support home educators by offering specific learning and social opportunities in our small, friendly school.

Pupils can join us on a part-time basis – from as little as one session a week.

As well as offering specialist subject teaching we can also provide a gentle introduction to a more traditional school setting – which can be beneficial for those children looking to enter mainstream education at senior school level.

For a deeper look at what we do and how we do it, please see the primary school page here, and download the information pack.

Sessions offered include:

  • PE/music/drama
  • maths/numeracy
  • science
  • history & creative skills (arts & crafts)
  • geography & French
  • book club

£18 per session, dropping off before 9am, pick-up 12noon but we have an introductory offer for the first half term of £15 per session.

Please contact us to discuss your child’s requirements so that we can develop a tailored proposal to meet their needs.

Margaret Whyte: 01332 862792 (school, contact, during term times only)
Amanda Harmer: 07791 575497 (parent-governor/ recruitment and communications director)

Creative constructions made by the pupils with K'nex


Session available: Tuesday mornings 9am -12pm
(Sessions booked per half-term: 4 – 6 weeks (varies – see calendar))

PE, Music & Drama

Session available: Monday afternoon, 1pm – 4pm
Sessions booked per half term: 4 – 6 weeks (varies – see calendar)

Please note: we also run a dance group on Monday evenings from 4-5pm and a multi-sport session (football, rugby, cricket, ball skills) on Wednesdays 4-5pm – all welcome. Sessions need to be booked per half term and cost £6


Session available: Tuesday afternoons, 1pm – 4pm
(Sessions booked per half term: 4 – 6 weeks (varies – see calendar))

Christmas play performed in the Ticknall Village HallHistory & Creative skills: art and crafts

Session available: Wednesday afternoon, 1pm – 4pm
(Sessions booked per half term: 4 – 6 weeks (varies – see calendar))

Geography & French

Session available: Thursday afternoon, 1pm – 4pm
(Sessions booked per half term: 4 – 6 weeks (varies – see calendar))


Book club

Session available: Thursday morning, 9am – 12pm
(Sessions booked per term: 10-11 weeks (varies – see calendar))

Pupils showing off their constructions from "Golden Time"

‘Golden time’

Session available: Friday afternoon, 1pm – 4pm
(Sessions booked per half term: 4 – 6 weeks (varies – see calendar))

Staff are available to talk to after every session but a short written report outlining your child’s progress will be provided every half term.

Your commitment

To secure your place on any of the sessions you will need to commit to a half term (4-6 weeks, depending on the term, see calendar below) or, in the case of Book Group, a term of sessions. Payment for each group of sessions needs to be made in advance of the start date, and no refunds or transfers are possible due to non-attendance through illness or other eventualities.

Each session costs £18 with a 10% discount available for bookings of 5 or more sessions per week, and a 20% discount for sibling groups.

If you would like to book a place for your child/children then please contact us.

Once you have made your booking an invoice and copy of our terms and conditions will be issued, with all payments due prior to the commencement of each half term.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, or phone 01332 862792 (07791 575 497 during holidays).

2017 term dates for part-time attendance:

Autumn term 2017 (11 weeks)
Mon 11th Sept-Fri 13th Oct (5 weeks)
Mon 6th Nov-Fri 15th Dec (6 weeks)

Spring term 2018 (9 weeks)
Mon 8th Jan-Fri 9th Feb (5 weeks)
Mon 5th March-Fri 23rd March (4 weeks)

Summer term 2018 (10 weeks)
Mon 16th April-Fri 18th May (5 weeks)
Mon 11th June-Fri 13th July (5 weeks)

Why not flexi-schooling?
We’re often asked why we don’t offer flexi-schooling as an option. We have considered this and undertook extensive research and deliberation before making the decision to offer home-schooling sessions instead.
Flexi-schooling legally places the delivery of a child’s education with the school. The SMT and teaching staff reviewed what we offer and the way we teach and concluded that we could not deliver the full curriculum in less than 4 days, and even taking into account the fact that that covered the core curriculum subjects, we felt that children would miss out on important social/pastoral, creative and sporting opportunities which we feel are integral to our whole child approach. We therefore concluded that flexi-schooling was not an option that we wanted to offer.
With home-schooling, the responsibility lies with the parent to ensure that the child receives teaching and input across all subject areas (as well as pastoral care/support), and so as a school we offer subject-specific sessions to help achieve/support this; but it is specific to the session and not an holistic approach as per our full-time pupils.

Contact Us

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a taster session.  Tel: 01332 862792