Our unique offer

Our unique offer

Could the Dame Catherine Harpur’s School be you?

We offer a unique small-scale environment offering affordable education with a child centred and stress-free approach. Our emphasis is upon exploration as well as academic excellence.

Do you wish for a slightly different path for your children in their initial

years of education?  

Do you want your child to have a greater opportunity to be outside in the fresh air?

Are you looking for an alternative to a curriculum driven by SATs testing?

Do you need more flexibility as a family to best meet the needs of your child?

Do you wish for your child to start school, but not full time straight away?

Are you wishing to ‘share educational responsibility’ with a school?

Have you experienced education systems in other countries which leads you to look for something a little different from mainstream education in the UK?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, please get in touch with Jane Dawn in our office to and pay us a visit.


Our flexible offer

More recently, we have welcomed families who are home-educating their children, but who wish for their children to attend school for one or two days a week. We listen to our families. We recognise that an increasing number of families are looking for a school where they might enjoy some flexibility in being able to ‘share educational responsibility’ and spend quality time with their children. In response to growing requests we are currently developing flexi-school provision to look towards families who wish to educate their children off site for one or two days a week. This is being piloted currently and will be fully up and running for September 2019. Please get in touch to discuss what you would like for your family.

For a parent’s view on matching our provision with home-schooling please visit this link.