Who are you?
We are Otto (5), Rich and Marije. We moved to this area in spring 2016 for our own studies, but a great benefit was to be close to Dame Catherine Harpur’s School.

Why did you choose Dame Catherine?
Having moved from the north of Sweden, where population is sparse, we were really daunted by the class sizes in schools, and the fact that children have to start primary school age 4 (in Sweden it’s age 6-7). It was such a relief to find this school (recommended to us by a colleague). The class sizes are really small, so each child can be treated as an individual and the learning can be adjusted to their particular needs.

What are the best things about the school?
The family feel, the wonderful staff, the dedicated parents and the fact that our son is really happy to go to school.

What do you think about the parental involvement aspect of the school?
We really enjoy to be part of the school community and to be able to have a say in what goes on at school.

Would you recommend Dame Catherines?