Finding the right school can be a minefield at the best of times, but when your children need to learn in a very special way, it is particularly difficult. Our search for such a school began at short notice, when our children’s school closed. We visited several well run schools, but somehow, they didn’t quite match up.

Our last visit was to Dame Catherine Harpur School. It was like walking into a warm and welcoming home. The class sizes were small and children received that extra special attention, unavailable at schools with large class sizes. Teachers and helpers alike gave us time, and listened and supported us, while we worked through our questions and concerns regarding making the right choices.

In the end there was no question in our minds as to the best school for our children. Since that time, our children have blossomed. They love the school day, and really enjoy all the after school clubs. We cannot thank you enough Margaret, and everyone you work so hard with to give our children the education they so richly deserve.