Small, nurturing, child centred

The nursery class is set within the school and caters for up to eight children, aged 3–5 years, at each morning and afternoon session.

It provides a caring, warm and friendly environment in which the children feel safe, secure, confident and happy. This encourages all-round development at each child’s own pace.

Children learn through carefully structured play, covering a wide variety of experiences in line with national guidelines for learning in the Early Years. They make their own choices and decisions through the provision of free playtimes, and we also encourage children to work in small-group and whole-group activities, promoting language development and interaction with others.

Nursery children also join in with the activities of the older children. For example, they contribute in the Primary school’s circle time each week, and join in PE at the village hall.

At the end of their time at the nursery, children will be well prepared for entry to school.

Dame Catherine’s accepts government nursery vouchers (as well as childcare vouchers), so parents can choose to pay for their nursery sessions with these.

Please read the nursery prospectus for more information, including session times.

For more information and to book a visit, please contact us.